• Jorge Milhazes de Freitas

  • Research Area

    Ergodic Theory and Probability Theory

  • Institution

    University of Porto

  • PhD

    Institution: University of Porto
    Year: 2006

  • Main research publications

    • The compound Poisson limit ruling periodic extreme behaviour of non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamics (with A.C.M. Freitas, M. Todd) ", Communications in Mathematical Physics 321 (2013)
    • Extremal Index, Hitting Time Statistics and periodicity. (with A.C.M. Freitas, M. Todd) ", Advances in Mathematics 231 (2012)
    • From Rates of mixing to recurrence times via large deviations (with J. F. Alves, S. Luzzatto, S. Vaienti,) ", Advances in Mathematics 228 (2011)
    • Statistical stability and continuity of SRB entropy for systems with Gibbs-Markov structures (with J.F. Alves, M.P. Carvalho) ", Communications in Mathematical Physics 296 (2010)
    • Hitting Time Statistics and Extreme Value Theory (with A.C.M. Freitas, M.Todd) ", Probability Theory and Related Fields 147 (2010)
  • PhD Students

    • Extreme Values and Recurrence for Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamics co-supervision with Sandro Vaienti (Centre de Physique Théorique, Luminy, Marseille), 2013

Research and Events


  • PhD Defense
    Khadijeh Alibabaei - On the profinite topology on groups and tameness of pseudo-varieties of groups
    15h00m - Room FC1 029, Dep. Mathematics, Univ. Porto
    March 1, 2018
  • Research Seminar Program (RSP)
    2017/18 second session
    Room 2.5, DMat UC
    March 9, 2018
  • PhD Defense
    Muhammad Ali Khan - Statistical instability in chaotic dynamics
    Room 031, Dep. Mathematics, Univ. Porto
    March 9, 2018
  • PhD Defense
    Anderson Feitoza Leitão Maia - Sharp regularity for the inhomogeneous porous medium equation
    14:30 - Sala dos Capelos, Univ. Coimbra
    March 21, 2018
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Defended Theses

  • Forward-backward stochastic differential equations and applications
      Rui Manuel Tavares Pinto de Sá Pereira (January 2018)
      Evelina Shamarova
      Margarida Brito
  • Pseudomonads and descent
      Fernando Lucatelli Nunes (January 2018)
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Descent theory of (T,V)-categories: global-descent and étale-descent
      Pier Giorgio Basile (September 2017)
      Maria Manuel Clementino
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