• Raquel Caseiro

  • Research Area

    Diferential geometry/Integrable systems

  • Institution

    University of Coimbra

  • PhD

    Institution: University of Coimbra
    Year: 2003

  • Main research publications

    • The modular class of a Poisson map. (with Rui Loja Fernandes) ", Annales de l’ Institut Fourier 63 (2013)
    • Modular Classes of Poisson-Nijenhuis Lie algebroids ", Letters in Mathematical Physics 80 (2007)
    • Jacobi–Nijenhuis algebroids and their modular classes (with Joana Nunes da Costa) ", Journal Physics A: Math. Theor. 40 (2007)
    • Quadratic algebra associated with rational Calogero-Moser models (with J.-P. Françoise; R. Sasaki) ", Journal of Mathematical Physics 42 (2001)
    • Algebraic Linearization of dynamics of Calogero type for any Coxeter group (with J.-P. Françoise; R. Sasaki) ", Journal of Mathematical Physics 41 (2000)

Research and Events


  • Jeux de tableaux and crystals
    Olga Azenhas (CMUC)
    15h30m, Room 108, UP Math. Dept.
    December 12, 2017
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Defended Theses

  • Descent theory of (T,V)-categories: global-descent and étale-descent
      Pier Giorgio Basile (September 2017)
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Representations of generalized quivers
      Artur Duarte Ferreira de Araújo (June 2017)
      Peter Gothen
  • On semisimple Hopf actions
      Deividi Ricardo Pansera (June 2017)
      Christian Edgar Lomp
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