• João Eduardo da Silveira Gouveia

  • Research Area

    Polynomial and semidefinite optimization

  • Institution

    University of Coimbra

  • PhD

    Institution: University of Washington
    Year: 2011

  • Main research publications

    • A new semidefinite programming hierarchy for cycles in binary matroids and cuts in graphs (with Monique Laurent, Pablo Parrilo, Rekha Thomas) ", Mathematical Programming 133 (2012)
    • Convex hulls of algebraic sets (with Rekha Thomas) , in: Handbook of Semidefinite, Cone and Polynomial Optimization (ISBN: 9781461407690), pp. 113-138 , International Series in Operations Research & Management Science , Springer, 2012
    • Lifts of convex sets and cone factorizations (with Pablo Parrilo, Rekha Thomas) ", Mathematics of Operations Research 38 (2012)
    • Positive Polynomials and Projections of Spectrahedra (with Tim Netzer) ", SIAM Journal on Optimization 21 (2011)
    • Theta Bodies for Polynomial Ideals (with Pablo Parrilo, Rekha Thomas) ", SIAM Journal on Optimization 20 (2010)

Research and Events


  • PhD Defense
    Fernando Lucatelli Nunes - Pseudomonads and Descent
    10:00 - Sala dos Capelos, Univ. Coimbra
    January 24, 2018
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Defended Theses

  • Descent theory of (T,V)-categories: global-descent and étale-descent
      Pier Giorgio Basile (September 2017)
      Maria Manuel Clementino
  • Representations of generalized quivers
      Artur Duarte Ferreira de Araújo (June 2017)
      Peter Gothen
  • On semisimple Hopf actions
      Deividi Ricardo Pansera (June 2017)
      Christian Edgar Lomp
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