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January 23, 16:00
Marco Mackaay (Univ. Algarve)
2-Representations of dihedral and trihedral Soergel bimodules

January 23, 15:00
Martin Hyland (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
The category of Brouwer operations: a basis for an understanding of choice sequences


November 21, 15:00
Tsugunori Nogura (Ehime Univ., Japan)
Continuous weak selections on compact-like spaces

September 12, 15:00
Aleš Pultr (Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)
Joins of closed sublocales, coframes of sublocales, and frames of sublocales

April 26, 11:30
Jirí Adámek (Tech. Univ. Braunschweig, Germany)
Corecursive algebras

April 11, 16:00
Tom Leinster (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)
Magnitude homology

March 31, 15:00
István Juhász (Alfréd Renyi Inst. of Mathematics, Budapest, Hungary)
Resolvability of topological spaces

March 21, 15:30
Lurdes Sousa (CMUC, IP Viseu)
Interesting algebras between Kleisli and Eilenberg-Moore

March 21, 14:30
Andrea Montoli (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy)
On some categorical-algebraic condition in S-protomodular categories

January 30, 10:30
Martin Hyland (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Dual enrichment and Isbell Duality


December 13, 14:30
Mathieu Duckerts-Antoine (CMUC)
How to centralize and normalize quandle extensions

November 15, 14:30
Dimitri Chikhladze (CMUC)
Monoidal categorical Galois theory

October 25, 16:00
Fernando Lucatelli Nunes (CMUC)
The deficiency of categories

May 17, 15:30
Lurdes Sousa (CMUC, IP Viseu)
Reflectivity and its logics

May 17, 14:30
Jorge Picado (CMUC)
The LEGO of localic maps

March 22, 15:30
Diana Rodelo (CMUC)
The Beck-Chevalley property for Goursat categories

March 22, 14:30
Tim Van der Linden (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Higher centrality via degenerate simplices

February 16, 14:30
Alex Patchkoria (A. Razmadze Math. Institute of Tbilisi State Univ., Georgia)
On a version of homological algebra in the category of semimodules and its applications

February 1, 14:30
Roger Picken (IST, Univ. Lisboa)
The action of a 2-group on a category and its application in higher gauge theory


December 15, 14:30
Benjamín Alarcón Heredia (CMA, FCT-Univ. Nova Lisboa)
Homotopy theory of 2-categories

November 10, 14:30
Tim Van der Linden (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
What is Nelson's admissibility condition?

November 10, 15:30
Andrea Montoli (CMUC)
A characterization of central extensions in the variety of quandles

October 13, 14:30
Fernando Lucatelli (CMUC)
Biadjoint triangles, descent and coherence

October 13, 15:30
Pedro Nora (Univ. Aveiro)
Functional representations of monads in duality theory

September 9, 14:30
Ales Pultr (Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)
The meet formula for pseudocomplement and an aspect of the coframe of sublocales

July 7, 14:30
Wolfram Bentz (Univ. Lisboa)
Supernilpotent algebras are non-dualizable

July 7, 15:30
Alfredo Costa (CMUC)
The Karoubi envelope and the Schützenberger category of a semigroup

May 19, 14:30
Lurdes Sousa (IP Viseu and CMUC)
Kan-injectivity of locales and spaces

May 19, 15:30
Andrea Montoli (CMUC/Univ. Coimbra)
What is an ideal a zero-class of?

April 15, 14:30
Gracinda M.S. Gomes (DM-­FCUL and CEMAT-­FCUL, Univ. Lisboa)
Monóides de Ehresmann

March 24, 15:30
Imanol Mozo Carollo (Univ. of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)
The localic group of the unit circle

March 24, 14:30
Alan S. Cigoli (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy)
Peiffer product and Peiffer commutator for internal pre-crossed modules

January 13, 15:30
Andrea Montoli (CMUC)
On the "Smith is Huq" condition in S-protomodular categories

January 13, 14:30
Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro)
From ordered to metric compact Hausdorff spaces


December 9, 14:30
Dimitri Chikhladze (CMUC)
Monoid theoretic approach to bicategorical structures

November 25, 15:30
Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC/Univ. Coimbra)
On topological semi-abelian algebras: split extensions and their classifiers

November 25, 14:30
Mack Matlabyana (Univ. Limpopo, South Africa)
Quasi-F frames

October 28, 15:30
Manuela Sobral (CMUC)

October 28, 14:30
Rachel A.D. Martins (IST/UL)
Involutive double categories

September 30, 15:30
Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC)
Lax algebras as spaces

September 30, 14:30
Mathieu Duckerts-Antoine (CMUC)
Fundamental group functors and higher Hopf formulae

September 10, 14:30
Richard N. Ball (Univ. of Denver, USA)
Pointfree pointwise suprema in archimedean l-groups

July 10, 15:30
Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC)
Lax orthogonal factorisation systems

July 10, 14:30
Margarida Carvalho (ISCAC)

June 24, 14:30
Lurdes Sousa (CMUC and IP Viseu)
Towards a calculus of fractions concerning Kan-injectivity

May 20, 15:00
John Huerta (IST, Lisbon, Portugal)
Trigroups and M-theory

April 8, 15:30
Imanol Mozo Carollo (Univ. of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)
Normal semicontinuous functions in pointfree topology and weak cb-frames

April 8, 14:30
Mack Matlabyana (Univ. of Limpopo, South Africa)
Normality and its weaker forms

March 18, 15:30
Nelson Martins Ferreira (CDRSP, ESTG, IP Leiria)
Geodesic paths and weakly Mal'tsev categories

March 18, 14:30
Andrea Montoli (CMUC, Univ. Coimbra)
Monoids and pointed S-protomodular categories

January 28, 14:30
George Janelidze (Univ. Cape Town, South Africa)
Descent Theory


November 15, 15:30
João Pita Costa (Josef Stefan Institute, Liubliana, Slovenia)
On the contributions of lattice theory to the study of persistent homology.

October 15, 15:30
Diana Rodelo (CMUC and Univ. of Algarve)
Remarks on reflexive multiplicative graphs in Gumm categories

October 15, 14:30
Tim Van der Linden (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
What is a tensor product internally?

September 12, 16:00
Imanol Mozo Carollo (Univ. of the Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)
The frame of partial reals and the Dedekind order completion of C(L)

September 12, 15:00
Luis Espanol (Univ. de La Rioja, Logroño, Spain)
Double negation and other sites on monoides of sequences related to the convergence

June 18, 15:00
Bernhard Banaschewski (McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Canada)
Choice and pointfree topology

June 4, 15:00
Dominique Bourn (U. Littoral, Calais, France)
Non-pointed additive category

May 22, 15:30
Pier Giorgio Basile (PhD student)
Categories of lax algebras: a first approach

May 15, 15:30
Fernando Lucatelli (PhD student)
Every prespectrum represents a homology theory

March 26, 15:00
Maria Manuel Clementino (CMUC/Univ. de Coimbra)
On the Beck-Chevalley condition for Set-monads

February 26, 16:00
Luigi Santocanale (Univ. de Provence, France)
Sublattices of associahedra and permutohedra equations satisfied by associahedra

February 26, 15:00
Maria João Gouveia (Univ. Lisboa)
Special completions of semilattices and lattices

January 15, 15:00
Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro)
On Alexander's Subbase Lemma


November 27, 16:00
Dimitri Chikhladze (CMUC)
Algebras, monoidal structures and cocycles

September 28, 14:00
Aldo Ursini (Università degli studi di Siena, Italy)
Mathematical Ideals in Coimbra IV

September 27, 9:00
Aldo Ursini (Università degli studi di Siena, Italy)
Mathematical Ideals in Coimbra III

September 26, 14:00
Aldo Ursini (Università degli studi di Siena, Italy)
Mathematical Ideals in Coimbra II

September 25, 16:30
Aldo Ursini (Università degli studi di Siena, Italy)
Mathematical Ideals in Coimbra I

July 18, 11:30
James Gray (UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa)
Normalizers and algebraic exponentiation

July 18, 10:30
George Janelidze (U. Cape Town, South Africa)
Geometric semi-abelian categories

June 28, 15:00
Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro)
Dualities via splitting idempotents

April 18, 15:00
H. P. Sankappanavar (State University of New York/CAUL)
De Morgan algebras: new perspectives and applications

March 20, 15:30
Dimitri Chikhladze (CMUC)
Monoidal structures

March 20, 14:30
Craig Pastro (Kyushu University, Japan)
Complementing comonads

February 28, 16:00
Diana Rodelo (Univ. Algarve/CMUC)
Mal'tsev categories and a generalised 3x3 Lemma

February 28, 15:00
Dominique Bourn (Univ. du Littoral, Calais, France)
Shreier Mac Lane theorem in the Mal'cev context

February 20, 16:30
Nelson Martins Ferreira (IP Leiria/CDRSP))
Topological space objects via neighbourhood systems

February 20, 15:30
Andrea Montoli (CMUC)
Semidirect products and split short five lemma in algebraic categories

February 20, 14:30
Tim Van der Linden (Univ. catholique Louvain, Belgium)
Higher central extensions via binary commutators

January 20, 15:00
Lurdes Sousa (CMUC/IP Viseu)
Well-founded and well-pointed coalgebras


November 23, 15:00
Javier Gutiérrez García (UPV, Bilbao, Spain)
A Selection of Insertion-type results Extending Katetov's procedure

November 23, 16:00
Jorge Picado (Mat.FCTUC/CMUC)
Normality vs. extremal disconnectedness: two sandwich-type results for the price of one

October 25, 12:00
Marino Gran (Univ. catholique Louvain, Belgium)
The new calculus of star-relations

October 25, 14:30
Diana Rodelo (Univ. Algarve/CMUC)
Remarks on the projective covers of algebraic categories

October 25, 15:30
Nelson Martins-Ferreira (IP Leiria)
Weakly Mal'tsev categories and strong relations

October 25, 15:00
Andrea Montoli (CMUC)
Obstruction theory in action accessible categories

October 25, 15:00
Tim Van der Linden (Univ. catholique Louvain, Belgium)
Aspects of the "Smith is Huq" property

June 30, 15:30
Javier Gutiérrez García (Univ. Basque Country, Bilbao, Spain)
On monotone normality and subfitness

June 30, 14:30
Bernhard Banaschewski (McMaster University, Canada)
Baire sets and the Boolean reflection of sigma-frames

June 28, 15:30
Maria Manuel Clementino (Mat. FCTUC/CMUC)
Injectivity and the fibrewise way-below relation

June 28, 14:30
Bernhard Banaschewski (McMaster University, Canada)
Nonmeasurable cardinals and pointfree topology

March 29, 15:30
Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro)
Approaching metric domains

March 29, 14:30
Gonçalo Gutierres (Mat. FCTUC/CMUC)
Scott approach spaces

February 22, 16:30
Nelson Martins-Ferreira (IP Leiria)
Internal categorical structures in weakly Mal'tsev categories

February 22, 15:00
Andrea Montoli (CMUC)
Semidirect products in Jonsson-Tarski varieties

January 25, 16:30
Björn Gohla (U. Porto)
A mapping space for Gray-categories