The 3rd Combinatorics Day - Lisboa, March 2, 2013


11:00-11:45 Teresa Sousa (CMA, UNL): slides

Monochromatic Clique Decompositions of Graphs

11:45-12:30 Paula Rama (CIDMA, UA): slides

Topological indices: the modified Schultz index

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:45 Aram Emami (CMUC, UC):

A bijective proof of a Lascoux's Cauchy kernel expansion over Ferrers shapes

14:45-15:30 Samuel Lopes (CMUP, UP): canceled

Combinatorics gone Weyl

15:30-15:45 Coffee/Tea

15:45-16:30 Jorge Neves (CMUC, UC):

Vanishing ideals and Parametrized Linear Codes over Graphs

16:30-17:15 Ilda Perez da Silva (CELC, UL):

Reconstruction problems for Matroids and Oriented Matroids

Lectures will take place in room 8.2.23, in C8, FCUL, Campo Grande, Lisboa.

José Agapito (CELC/FCUL), Carlos André (CELC/FCUL), Olga Azenhas (CMUC,UC), Jorge Orestes Cerdeira (ISA,UTL), Aram Emami (CMUC,UC), Pedro J. Freitas (CELC/FCUL); Filipe Gomes (FCUL), Ricardo Mamede (CMUC,UC), Ana Margarida Neto (CELC,UTL),Jorge Neves (CMUC,UC), António Guedes de Oliveira (CMUP,UP), Paula Rama (CIDMA, UA), Fátima Rodrigues (CELC/FCT_UNL), Ilda Silva (CELC/FCUL), Teresa Sousa (CMA/FCT-UNL), Maria Manuel Torres (CELC/FCUL).

Organisers: Fátima Rodrigues, José Agapito Ruiz, Maria Manuel Torres

Sponsors: CELC, FCT,FCUL

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