Coimbra is an old university town situated in the central region of Portugal, between Lisbon (200 km) and Porto (100 km) and about 35 km from the Atlantic coast at Figueira da Foz. It is easily reached from Lisbon and Porto, which both have international airports, by train (2h from Lisbon, 1h15 from Porto) or by bus. The A1 motorway from Lisbon to Porto passes close to Coimbra; there are also good road connections with Spain through Salamanca.


If you travel by train, you should buy a ticket to Coimbra. If you come by plane, you should buy a ticket to Lisbon or to Porto. The airport that is most convenient for intercontinental flights is Lisbon, although Porto is closer to Coimbra. Further, the airport in Porto is not very close to the Porto's railway station. If you arrive in Lisbon, you can either take a taxi or a bus to the Oriente Railway Station (Gare do Oriente). If you arrive in Porto, you should take a taxi to the Porto-Campanh Railway Station. There are daily trains connecting the three cities (Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto). You can see the timetables of the fast trains (Alfa Pendular) Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto and Porto-Coimbra-Lisbon here. You can also consult the timetables of all trains (you may find Oriente Railway Station under the letter O).

In both cases you should exit in Coimbra-B railway station, where you can take a train connection to the small Coimbra-A station in the city centre (this connection is free of charges). On the left side of this Central station you can take a bus (n 1) direct to the University. There are also daily buses connecting the three cities (Lisbon-Coimbra-Porto). You can see the schedules of the buses in Rede Expressos. The bus stations are not located at the airports, so you will need to take either a taxi or a bus from the airport to the bus station.

Taxi from Lisbon Airport to Oriente railway/bus station, price: ~5€. Train from Lisbon, price: from 14 to 28€ (depending on the kind of train and the class of ticket). Bus from Lisbon, price: ~10€.

Taxi from Porto airport to railway station, price: ~16€.Train from Porto, price: from 10 to 19€ (depending on the kind of train and the class of ticket). Bus from Porto, price: ~9€.

Taxi from Coimbra-B railway station or bus station to hotel, price: ~4€.

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The Meeting will take place at the University of Coimbra, in the Auditorium, "Auditorio da Reitoria", close to the Department of Mathematics. You can see the place where the Meeting will be held on the detailed map of center of the city and the University. The Meeting will start on Monday, 9 October at 9h00. The registration desk will be open on Sunday, 8 October, 18h00-20h00 (local to be defined later) and then on Monday morning, from 8h45 AM in the Auditorium room.