This is the current list of the registered participants and their proposed contributions for the meeting (last updated 2006-10-08).

J. Aboudarham, Mr. -
A new step in the automation of Meudon's Synoptic Map of Solar Activity
A. Ajabshirizadeh, Mr. -,
Radiative transfer in prominence fine structures as a multicomponent atmosphere
A. Ajao, Mr. -
V. Andretta, Mr. -
Spectroscopic Measurements of Helium abundance in an Active Region
A. L. Ariste, Mr. -
Unveiling the magnetic topology of prominences
I. Arkhangelskaja, Mrs. -
Solar flares temporal profiles thin structure on timescales of 30-90 second in various energy bands by data of "AVS-F" apparatus onboard "Coronas-F" Satellite
S. Batista, Mr. -
E. H. Avrett, Mr. -
New models of the solar chromosphere and transition region determined from SUMER observations
H. Balthasar, Mr. -
The Three-dimensional Structure of Sunspots
GREGOR - the new German solar telescope
L. Belluzzi, Mr. -
Spectropolarimetry of the D lines of alkali atoms
F. Bettonvil, Mr. -
A. Berlicki, Mr. -
Observations and modelling of line asymmetries in chromospheric flares
D. Shaun Bloomfield, Mr. -
Observations and Interactions of Running Waves In a Sunspot Chromosphere
Z. F. Bostanci, Ms. -
Time evolution of mottles observed in H_alpha
V. Bumba, Mr. -
Regularities in the distribution of solar activity in time and on the solar surface
J. Bureau, Mr. -
D. Callebaut, Mr. -
Post-MHD and Solar Atmosphere
M. Carlsson, Mr. -
Chromospheric Modelling
G. Cauzzi, Mrs. -
Acoustic shocks in the quiet chromosphere
W. Curdt, Mr. -
Sunspots - clouds on the Sun
On the unidirectionality of SUMER hot loop oscillation events: evidence for DC-heating
C. Denker, Mr. -
The Synoptic Observing Program at Big Bear Solar Observatory
M. Ding, Mr. -
The origin of solar white-light flares
I. Dorotovic, Mr. - dorotovic, ivan
COSIS: Coimbra Observatory Solar Information System
A Software Tool to Estimate the N-S Asymmetry of the Bright Ca II K3 Emission Structures
R. Erdelyi, Mr. -
Trapped eigenoscillations in the lower solar atmosphere: is there a resonant coupling?
I. Ermolli, Ms. -
Solar activity and irradiance studies with Ca II spectroheliogram time series: Potential, problems and possible solutions
N. Farbiash, Mr. -
Stellar Atmospheres Structural Changes due to the Diamagnetic Effect
J. Fernandes, Mr. -
B. Filippov, Mr. -
On the Dynamic Nature of the Prolate Solar Chromosphere
B. Fleck, Mr. -
Solar Orbiter - A Mission Update
L. Fletcher, Ms. -
A TRACE White Light and RHESSI Hard X-ray Study of Flare Energetics
J. Fontenla, Mr. -
Magnetic heating of the chromosphere and its relationship with long term trends
M. A. G. Garcia, Mrs. -
Spectroheliograph of the Coimbra University
B. Gelly, Mr. -
THEMIS: instrumentation and strategy for the future
P. Gomory, Mr. -
Downward propagating waves detected in the chromospheric network by SOHO/CDS.
A. Gultekin, Ms. -
Two-dimensional observation of a small active region in H_alpha
S. Gunar, Mr. -
Prominence parameters derived by 2D modelling from hydrogen Lyman series measured by SOHO/SUMER
R. H. Hammerschlag, Mr. -
Options for the Dutch Open Telescope
V. Hansteen, Mr. -
Waves in the simulated chromosphere and transition region
P. Heinzel, Mr. -
The Fine Structure of Solar Prominences
Impact polarization due to proton beams in solar flares
D. Hagenaar, Mrs. -
Magnetic Structure of Moving Magnetic Features around Sunspots
K. M. Hiremath, Mr. -
Magnetic flux in the solar convective envelope inferred from the initial magnetic flux of the sunspots
An alternative Mechanism of the Solar Cycle
A. Hofmann, Mr. -
Flare associated type III bursts and magnetic field topology
H. Hudson, Mr. -
The chromosphere and flare energy
E. L. Innocenti, Mr. -
Spectropolarimetry of the D lines of alkali atoms
B. Ioshpa, Mr. -
Fractal Properties of Magnetic Fields of Active Regions and Sunspots
S. Jejcic, Ms. -
White-Light Emission of Solar Prominences
S. D. Jordan, Mr. -
Preliminary Results from the EUNIS Experiment
B. Joshi, Mr. -,
Asymmetry and periodicity of solar active phenomena during cycle 23
Radio, Halpha and RHESSI investigations of an X-class flare and associated CME near the Sun and in the interplanetary medium
L. Kashapova, Ms. -
Diagnostics of accelerated particle beams by spectral observations in Balmer series lines
Signatures of high-energy particles in H-alpha emission observed before the solar flare of 16 August 2004
J. Kasparova, Ms. -
Halpha line in solar atmosphere heated by particle beams
S. L. Keil, Mr. -
The Advanced Technology Solar Telescope Status Report
J. Klimes, Mr. -
Comparison of observation in H-alpha and CaII-K
P. Kotrc, Mr. -
The modernized solar optical spectrograph at the Ondrejov observatory
S. Koutchmy, Mr. -
Old and New aspects of the prominence physics from coronal observations
Broad-band Halpha HI coronagraphic observations
J. Koza, Mr. -
On the lifetimes and photospheric drivers of the solar fibrils
N. Labrosse, Mr. -
Spectral diagnostic of active prominences
Formation of O VI lines in sunspots with pumping from H2
A. Lagg, Mr. -
Tenerife Infrared Polarimeter II
P. Lamy, Mr. -
Chromospheric and Prominence Physics with the ASPIICS Formation Flyers Mission
ě. Langangen, Mr. -
High spatial resolution spectroscopy of the solar chromosphere
J. Leenaarts, Mr. -
Non-equilibrium hydrogen ionization in 3D simulations of the solar chromosphere
T. Leifsen, Mr. -
H. Li, Mr. -
Spectroscopic Property of Solar Flares in Different Lines
J. P. Li, Mr. -
Detection of Explosive Chromospheric Evaporation in a Two-Ribbon Flare
D. H. Mackay, Mr. -
Modelling the Hemispheric Pattern of Filaments
Models of the Large Scale Corona: Formation, Evolution and Eruption of Magnetic Flux Ropes.
E. Markova, Mrs. -
Comparison of observation in H-alpha and CaII-K
P. Mauas, Mr. -
Semiempirical models of solar and stellar active chromospheres
Chromospheric activity in K stars
R. Melich, Mr. -
Solc birefringent filter for several interesting spectral lines
L. Merenda, Ms. -
The magnetic field that confines the plasma of a solar coronal filament
Z. Mouradian, Mr. -
80 Years of Solar Astrophysics in Coimbra
D. Y. Myachin, Mr. -
The spotless flare of March 16, 1981
A. Ozguc, Mr. -
Periodicities in irradiance and in other solar activity indices during cycle 23
S. Parenti, Mrs. -
A prominence investigation with SOHO/SUMER
D. Paulson, Mrs. -
Detection of Global Chromospheric Waves in Integrated Light
A. Pietarila, Ms. -
The Ca IR Triplet as a Diagnostic for Chromospheric Magnetism
T. PintÚr, Mr. -
Chromospheric filament network and coronal streamers
B. De Pontieu, Mr. -
High resolution observations and modelling of chromospheric spicules
T. Prosecky, Mr. -
Analysis of spectral line profile asymmetries on records of Multichannel Flare Spectrograph archive
W. Rammacher, Mr. -
Simultaneous observations of solar Ca II H and Ca II 8662 lines and numerical simulation of these lines
R. Ramelli, Mr. -
First measurement of the polarization of the flash spectrum during a total solar eclipse.
The magnetic fields in spicules and prominences as inferred from spectropolarimetric observations of the Hanle and Zeeman effects in the He-D$_3$ multiplet.
A. Asensio Ramos, Mr. -
A user-friendly code for the diagnostics of the dynamical and magnetic properties of chromospheric plasma structures
M. Rovira, Mrs. -
A multiwavelength study of the flare event, May 13, 2005.
Radio Observations of the December 20 th, 2002, flare.
SPH simulations of plasma dynamics in magnetic coronal loops
G. Ruediger, Mr. -
Structure and evolution of sunspots
R. J. Rutten, Mr. -
Observational aspects of the chromosphere
R. M. Sainz, Mr. -
Scattering polarization in the ca ii ir triplet for the diagnostics of the solar chromosphere
C. Sasso, Ms. -
Observations and analysis of the full Stokes vector in a flaring region in the He I 1083.0 nm multiplet
B. Schmieder, Mrs. -
Spectro-photometry of Elleman bombs observed with THEMIS
P. Schwartz, Mr. -
NLTE diagnostics of a filament observed by SOHO/SUMER in hydrogen Lyman line seriest
G. Severino, Mr. -
A simulation of MOF transmission profiles: lights and shadows.
V. Skomorovsky, Mr. -
Wide-field Solc type birefringent filter
M. Sobotka, Mr. -
Horizontal Motion of Granules in the Vicinity of Sunspots
S. K. Solanki, Mr. -
Global variations of the chromospheric irradiance
O. Steiner, Mr. -
What is heating the quiet-Sun chromosphere?
P. Thijssen, Mr. -
A. Title, Mr. -
Coupling of the Magnetic Field to the Outer Atmosphere
The SOT and AiA Instrument
J. Trujillo Bueno, Mr. -
The magnetic field of solar chromospheric spicules
G. Tsiropoula, Mrs. -
Multiwavelength analysis of a solar quiet region
K. Tziotziou, Mr. -
Chromospheric cloud-model inversion techniques
H. Uitenbroek, Mr. -
M. Varady, Mr. -
Return current and the energy deposit in flares
J. C. Vial, Mr. -
SMESE : a SMall Explorer for the Study of Solar Eruptions and Prominences
J. Vilinga, Mr. -
Solar Cycle Variations of the Chromospheric Prolateness
N. Vitas, Mr. -
Is the Solar Mn I 539.4 nm line variation really explained?
A. Vourlidas, Mr. -
Chromospheric Science with the STEREO Mission
E. Wiehr, Mr. -
The He-D3 to H-beta emission ratio in prominences
A. G. de Wijn, Mr. -
Multi-wavelength observations of chromospheric and transition region structures
V. K. Yadav, Mr. -