The proceedings of the Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting 2015 "Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era" will be published in the ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific) Conference Series,
The editors are I. Dorotovič, C. Fischer, and M. Temmer.
The deadline for manuscript submission is 30 November 2015.

Authors are asked to use LaTeX and BibTeX and ADS labels to prepare manuscripts of contribution(s). Please read the Readme_cspm2015.txt before you start to prepare the manuscript. Please do not use the standard ASP macros, but the ones available HERE. The Readme.txt file there gives our specific instructions, while the file manual2010.pdf is the regular ASP latex manual. Write your paper using file cspm2015author.tex as a template.

The page limit is:

3 pages for posters
6 pages for oral contributions
10 pages for invited talks

Please, submit your contributions (PDF version of the manuscript, LaTex source file, figure files, and BibTex files) as .zip or .tar.gz attachments to: ivan.dorotovic % (Maximum 10 MB). For larger submissions please use Google Disk, Dropbox or any other temporary repository that you use and please send a link for download to the same email address.

Important: Please download the Publication Agreement and Copyright Assignment, fill it in and sign it. Please send the scanned document to Ivan Dorotovič, ivan.dorotovic %