This is the current list of participants and their accepted contributions for the meeting (last updated 2015-10-02).
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J. Aboudarham, Mr. - Jean.Aboudarham
Filaments data since 1919: A basis for statistics
N. Anugu, Mr. - narsireddy.anugu
Efficient solar scene wavefront estimation with reduced systematic and RMS errors
E. Asvestari, Mrs. - Eleanna.Asvestari
Semi-empirical long-term reconstruction of the heliospheric parameters validated by cosmogenic radionuclide records
T. Barata, Mrs. - mtbarata
Ground based observations of sunspots from the observatory of Coimbra: evaluation of different automated approaches to analyse its datasets
T. Barlyaeva, Mrs. - tatiana.barlyaeva
The State of the Corona during the Weak Solar Cycle 24: the View from LASCO Images
L. Bellot Rubio, Mr. - lbellot
Magnetic field emergence in the quiet Sun
L. Bertello, Mr. - bertello
Long-term synoptic observations of CaII-K and magnetic flux
L. Biktash, Mrs. - biktash
Sun and space weather influence on global temperature by the agency of cosmic rays during the solar cycles 19-23
J. P. Bjørgen, Mr. - johan.bjoergen
Numerical radiative transfer using a multigrid method
J.J. Blanco, Mr. -
CaLMa a neutron monitor in Iberian peninsula
Magnetic flux conservation in magnetic clouds
Tragaldabas: a muon ground-based detector for the stuty of the solar activity
M. Bodnárová, Ms. - mbodnarova
Possible chromospheric response to the dynamics of photospheric G-band bright points
J. Čalogović, Mr. - jcalogovic
Photosphere and chromosphere telescope at Hvar Observatory
S. Carvalho, Ms. - sarajfsrc
T. Chatzistergos, Mr. - chatzistergos
Exploiting historical Ca II K spectroheliogram archives: Preliminary results from four archives
I. Chifu, Ms. - chifu
Coronal magnetic field modeling using stereoscopy constraints
F. Clette, Mr. - frederic.clette
The revised sunspot number: new properties and new data standards
M. Collados, Mr. - mcv
EST: Prospects for the new large-aperture high-resolution European facility
L. Damé, Mr. - luc.dame
Y. Deng, Mr. - dyy
Chinese Giant Solar Telescope
C. Denker, Mr. - cdenker
Sunspot Structure and Evolution
H.-P. Doerr, Mr. - doerr
A new instrument for high-precision spectroscopy with extremely accurate wavelength calibration
I. Dorotovič, Mr. - ivan.dorotovic, ivan
Evolution of photospheric pores in the magnetic field
Roles of Ground-based Solar Observations of Hida Observatory toward the Solar-C Era
J. G. Doyle, Mr. - jgd
L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, Mrs. - Lidia.VanDriel
Observational needs for understanding solar magnetic activity and the formation of large-scale transient events
R. Erdélyi, Mr. - robertus
On the role of MHD waves in heating localised magnetic structures: Where are we?
T. Esperança, Ms. - telmaesperanca
J. Fernandes, Mr. - jmfernan
F. C. T. Fernandes, Mr. - guga
Shock wave driven by CME evidenced by metric type II burst and EUV wave
Analysis of the evolution of halo coronal mass ejection of March 09, 2012 associated with EUV waves
Statistical analysis of solar radio emissions recorded in meter wavelengths by CALLISTO-BR
L. O. T. Fernandes, Mr. - olavo
Comparative Study of Solar Bursts at Sub-THz Frequencies
Solar flare observations at 30 THz
C. Fischer, Mrs. - cfischer
Quiet sun magnetic field evolution observed with Hinode SOT and IRIS
R. Gafeira, Mr. - gafeira
Temporal variations in small scale chromospheric fibrils observed by Sunrise II
M. A. G. Garcia, Mrs. - adriana
M. Hagino, Mr. - hagino
Development of the Universal Tunable Filter and High-resolution Imaging Observation with the Fuxian Solar Observatory
A. Hamada, Mr. - amr.hamada
Identifying coronal holes from synoptic maps of SOHO/EIT and SDO/AIA EUV images
Y. Hanaoka, Mr. - hanaoka
Past and Present of the Synoptic Observations of the Sun at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
F. A. Iglesias, Mr. - iglesias
Fast Solar Polarimeter: Prototype characterization and first results
J. Ireland, Mr. - jack.ireland-1
The Visualization of Solar Data: Volume, Variety, and Value
V. Ishkov, Mr. - ishkov
Solar flare phenomena and their manifestation in the different epochs of the solar activity
B. Kim, Ms. - loveghtkd25
Temporal variations of Solar and Interplanetary conditions for the last 4 decades
A. Kobelski, Mr. - akobelsk
Probing Solar Wind Turbulence with the Jansky Very Large Array
Measuring the Solar Magnetic Field with STEREO A&B Faraday Rotation Observations using the 100m Green Bank Telescope
Solar Observations with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
I. Kontogiannis, Mr. - jkonto
A study of a quiet solar network region structure and dynamics using ground and space based observations
Integrating ground-based and space-born observations to create a new space weather facility at the National Observatory of Athens
M. Korsós, Ms. - komabi
Evolution of ARs at photosphere before flare and CME occurrence
P. Kotrč, Mr. - pkotrc
On measurements of continuum flux in solar flares. Instrument and first results
Analysis of a limb eruptive event
A. Kučera, Mr. - akucera
The CoMP-S instrument at the Lomnicky Peak Observatory - status report
A. Lagg, Mr. - lagg
Quiet sun magnetism: a new perspective from GRIS / GREGOR
J. Leenaarts, Mr. - jorrit.leenaarts
Modeling the Mg II h & k lines observed by IRIS and the Ca II H & K lines observed from the ground
T. Libbrecht, Ms. - tine.libbrecht
Exploring the diagnostic value of Helium I D3 in the chromosphere
M. Löfdahl, Mr. - mats
A comparison of solar image restoration techniques for SST/CRISP data
M. Loukitcheva, Mrs. - marija
Probing the Sun with ALMA: observations and simulations
D. Maia, Mr. - dmaia
P.K. Manoharan, Mr. - mano
Radial Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Inner Heliosphere
Three-dimensional Evolution of Solar Wind during Solar Cycles 22-24
A. Morozova, Mrs. - anna_m
Co-variability of the atmospheric and geophysical parameters in mid-latitude troposphere
D. Müller, Mr. - dmueller
Solar Orbiter - Exploring the Sun-Heliosphere Connection
M. van Noort, Mr. - vannoort
The effects of instrumental properties on Stokes Inversions
MiHI: a new imaging spectrograph
J. Padmanabhan , Mr. - janardhan.padmanabhan
Are we on the verge of a Maunder-like Grand Solar Minimum?
J. Palacios , Ms. - judith.palacios
Solar eruptive events as seen by the Spanish Space Weather Service SeNMEs
Multi-wavelength observations of vortex-like flows in the photosphere from ground-based and space-borne telescopes
Y.-d. Park, Mr. - ydpark
New Software for Space Weather
D. Passos, Mr. - dariopassos
Meridional circulation dynamics: comparing observations and results from EULAG global 3D MHD simulations
H. Pazira, Ms. - hiva.pazira
The chromosphere as imaged in O I 777.2 nm
T. M. D. Pereira, Mr. - tiago.pereira
Clashing views of spicules and fibrils
A. A. Pevtsov, Mr. - apevtsov
The need for synoptic solar observations from the ground
I. Piantschitsch, Ms. - isabell.piantschitsch
F. Pinheiro, Mr. - fpinheiro
R. Pinto, Mr. - rui.pinto
X-ray emission in simulations of flaring coronal loops
The slow and fast solar wind during the activity cycle
J.-P. Raulin, Mr. - raulin
Origin of the 30 THz emission during the 2012 March 13 solar flare at 1720 UT
C. Robustini, Mrs. - carolina.robustini
Peacock jets above the light bridge of a sunspot
P. Romano, Mr. - paolo.romano
Study of photospheric and chromospheric dynamics using high resolution spectropolarimetric observations
M. Roth, Mr. - mroth
The Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group - SPRING
W. Schmidt, Mr. - wolfgang
The GREGOR Solar Telescope
B. Schmieder, Mrs. - brigitte.schmieder
Magnetic field and plasma diagnostics from coordinated prominence observations
P. Schwartz, Mr. - pschwartz
Is it possible to use the green coronal line instead of X rays to cancel an effect of the coronal emissivity deficit in estimation of the prominence total mass from decrease of the EUV-corona intensities?
Non-LTE inversion of spectropolarimetric and spectroscopic observations of a filament on 11 September 2014 at the VTT
J. Shetye, Ms. - jus
Analysis of apparent ultra-fast spicules using high resolution ground-based data
P. Simões, Mr. - paulo.simoes
Survey of 4 years of SDO/EVE observations of flare emission of H and He lines
P. Sitompul, Mr. - peberlin_sitompul
Solar Radio Observation using Callisto Spectrometer at Sumedang West Java Indonesia: Current status and Future Development Plan in Indonesia
M. Sobotka, Mr. - msobotka
Slipping reconnection in a solar flare observed with GREGOR
Z. A. da Luz Sodré, Mrs. - zuleika.sjc
Observational and physical parameters of type I chains and their association with flares in X-ray
S. Solanki, Mr. - solanki-office
Variations of the solar irradiance
Y. Suematsu, Mr. - suematsu
Science Objectives and Instrument Designs of the SOLAR-C Mission
A. Sukhorukov, Mr. - asukh
Implementation of partial frequency redistribution effects for chromospheric resonance spectral lines in 3D model atmospheres
F. Tardelli-Coelho, Mrs. - flaviaec
Interference of magnetic storms in plasma bubbles in the ionosphere over a period of solar minimum
M. Temmer, Mrs. - manuela.temmer
Exceptions to the rule: the X-flares of AR 2192 lacking coronal mass ejections
A. Tlatov, Mr. - tlatov
Tilt angles of solar filaments over the century: 1919-2014
Numerical processing of sunspot images using the digitised long-term archives
T. Török, Mr. - tibor
Numerical simulations of dynamic phenomena in the solar corona
G. Tsiropoula, Mrs. - georgia
K. Tziotziou, Mr. - kostas
Quiet Sun and its dynamics as viewed from the ground and from space
I. Usoskin, Mr. - ilya.usoskin
Long term solar activity
The Maunder minimum: A reassessment from multiple datasets
A. Valio, Ms. - adrivalio
Millimeter Observations of the 2013 February 17 Solar Flare
M. Verma, Mrs. - mverma
High-resolution 3D flow fields around solar active regions
A. Veronig, Mrs. - astrid.veronig
Space Weather using ground based data
N. Vitas, Mr. - nikola.vitas
Solar Magnetoconvection simulated with the MANCHA code
B. Vršnak, Mr. - bvrsnak
Forecasting the arrival of Coronal Mass Ejections: The Drag-Based Model
S. T. Wu, Mr. - wus
What Additional Measurements Are Needed for the Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Simulation of Solar Atmospheric Dynamics?