CMAT Workshop 24-26th January 2014   |

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Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology


  Workshop Talks and Abstracts
  1   Jiří Adámek
Generalized Eilenberg Theorem
  2 Dominique Bourn
Mal'tsev reflection
  3 Alan S. Cigoli
Extension theory and the calculus of butterflies
  4 Matěj Dostál
Enriched Morita equivalence for S-sorted theories
  5 Mathieu Duckerts-Antoine
A classification theorem for normal extensions
  6 Valérian Even
A Galois-theoretic approach to the covering theory of quandles
  7 Maria João Gouveia
Graphs, polarities and completions of lattices
  8 Marino Gran
Semi-localizations of semi-abelian categories
 9 Dirk Hofmann
On monads of (the dual) Kock-Zöberlein type in topology
 10 George Janelidze
2-Dimensional non-pointed exactness structures and radicals in categories
 11 Jürgen Koslowski
A categorical model for 2-PDAs with states
 12 Sandra Mantovani
Push forwards of crossed squares
 13 Laszlo Márki
Commutative orders in semigroups
 14 Nelson Martins-Ferreira
On the coincidence of internal categories and internal groupoids
 15 Paulo Mateus
Emulations of quantum Turing machines as morphisms
 16 Margarida Melo
Derived categories and Fourier-Mukai equivalences in algebraic geometry
 17 Andrea Montoli
Characteristic subobjects in semi-abelian categories
 18 Aleš Pultr
Extending semilattices to frames
 19 Pedro Resende
Étale groupoids and their quantales: functoriality
 20 Diana Rodelo
A remark on pullbacks in Gumm categories
 21 Cristina Sernadas
A categorical road to decidability
 22 Walter Tholen
Closure operators and their duals
 23 Tim Van der Linden
A Galois theory of monoids
 24 Jiří Velebil
Abstract characterisation of varieties and quasivarieties of ordered algebras
Thomas Weighill
A characterisation of R1-spaces via approximate Mal'tsev operations