Pedro Nunes Lecture in Coimbra

The 2018 Pedro Nunes lectures will be held in November in Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto. The lecturer this year will be Alfio Quarteroni, Professor of Numerical Analysis at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Director of MOX.

Lecture in Coimbra: 21st of November, 15:00

Title:The ICDD (Interface Control Domain Decomposition) method for the solution of Multiphysics problems

Abstract: Interface Control Domain Decomposition (ICDD) is a method designed to address partial differential equations (PDEs) in computational regions split into overlapping subdomains. The "interface controls" are unknown functions used as Dirichlet boundary data on the subdomain interfaces that are obtained by solving an optimal control problem with boundary observation. When the ICDD method is applied to classical (homogeneous) elliptic equations, it can be regarded as (yet) another domain decomposition method to solve elliptic problems. However, what makes it interesting is its convergence rate that is grid independent, its robustness with respect to the possible variation of operator coefficients, and the possibility to use non-matching grids and non-conforming discretizations inside different subdomains. ICDD methods become especially attractive when applied to solve heterogeneous PDEs (like those occurring in multi-physics problems). A noticeable example is provided by the coupling between (Navier) Stokes and Darcy equations, with application to surface-subsurface flows, or to the coupling of blood flow in large arteries and the fluid flow in the arterial wall. In this case, the minimization problem set on the interface control variables, that is enforced by ICDD method, can in principle assure the correct matching between the two "different physics" without requiring the a-priori determination of the transmission conditions at their interface.

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Junior Researcher Positions

An international tender to fulfill 5 vacancies for the position of Junior Researcher at CMUC is now open.

Contract length: three-year contract, which may be renewed for periods of one year up to a maximum of 6 years, accordingly to Decree no. 57/2016, of 29 August, in its latest version.

Deadline for applications: 14 September 2018.

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Junior Researcher Position

Applications are welcome for a junior researcher position (three-year contract) in the framework of the research project New Perspectives in Nonlinear PDEs: unbalanced optimal transport, reaction-diffusion systems and nonlocal equations, reference PTDC/MAT-PUR/28686/2017, funded by FCT.

Deadline for applications: 7 November 2018.

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Summer School of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics

Aveiro, 3-14 September 2018

This year the annual UC|UP PhD Summer School will take place in Aveiro and is jointly organised with the PhD Program in Applied Mathematics of the Universities of Aveiro, Minho and Porto (MAP-PDMA) and the PhD Program in Mathematics of the University of Aveiro (PDMat-UA).

The Summer School will consist of four intensive courses, in the areas of Algebraic Combinatorics, Algebraic Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, and Mathematical Methods in Biology, and sessions where the students of the three PhD programs that organize the School may present their work.

Scientific Committee:
Alexandre Almeida (Univ. Aveiro), António José Machiavelo (Univ. Porto), Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro), José Augusto Ferreira (Univ. Coimbra).

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New postdoc at CMUC

Mahdi Dodangeh
PhD in Mathematics (Optimization, 2014, Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal) under the supervision of Luis Nunes Vicente.

Postdoctoral fellow in computational mathematics, in the framework of the interdisciplinary FCT project Multi-Cam Capsule Endoscopy Imagery: 3d Capsule Location and Detection of Abnormalities, under the supervision of Isabel Narra Figueiredo.

New PhD students

Carla Filipa de Jesus
MSc in Mathematics (2017, Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal).

Student of the Numerical Analysis and Optimization research group, under the supervision of Ercilia Sousa.
Topic: Anomalous diffusion with reaction and memory.

João Miguel Santos
MSc in Mathematics (2016, Univ. of Porto, Portugal).

Student of the Algebra and Combinatorics research group, under the supervision of Olga Azenhas.
Topic: A combinatorial approach to Lascoux's non-symmetric version of a Littlewood Identity in type C.

Leonardo Larizza
MSc in Mathematics (2017, Univ. degli studi di Torino, Italy).

Student of the Algebra, Logic and Topology research group, under the supervision of Maria Manuel Clementino.
Topic: On lax orthogonal factorisation systems.

PhD Positions, UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics

The call for applications to the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, for the academic year 2019/2020, will be open from January 02, 2019 to February 04, 2019.

Applications may be submitted online through the website of the Program:

The Program will offer a number of doctoral scholarships (covering tuition fees and living expenses) to selected candidates. Extensive information about the Program is available at the website (and additional questions can be posed using the email address

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Doctoral INPhINIT - INCOMING Fellowship Programme:
2019 Call for applications

"la Caixa Foundation" offers PhD grants in some top research training centres, including CMUC. For applying click here.

Deadline: 6 February 2019.

The list of PhD projects offered by CMUC is:
(More details here)

- Riemann-Hilbert problems in the theory of orthogonal polynomials
  (Supervisor: Amílcar Branquinho)
- Objectwise approach to categorical algebra
  (Supervisor: Maria Manuel Clementino)
- Numerical analysis and simulation of a model for the propagation of the
  mechanical waves in ocular tissues and induced displacements in the retina
  (Supervisor: Sílvia Barbeiro)
- Modelling electromagnetic waves in human retina
  (Supervisor: Adérito Araújo )
- Maximal subgroups of free profinite semigroups
  (Supervisor: Alfredo Costa)
- Image processing of medical images using advanced mathematical analysis
  (Supervisor: Isabel Narra Figueiredo)
- Function spaces: new trends and applications
  (Supervisor: Júlio Severino das Neves )
- Combinatorial commutative algebra and algebraic geometry
  (Supervisor: Jorge Sentieiro Neves)

In order to get the PhD position at CMUC one is also required to apply to the UC|UP PhD programme.

More information here.

Mathematics Colloquium

Abstract Algebraic Representation

Jaroslav Nesetril (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

Wednesday, 26 September, 2018

Abstract: Representing posets, groups, monoids and categories by other structures is associated with Prague school of categories.
In this lecture we survey recent development which puts this classical topic in a yet another (combinatorial and model theoretic) context.

Jaroslav Nesetril is a Czech mathematician, working at Charles University in Prague. His research areas include combinatorics (structural combinatorics, Ramsey theory), graph theory (coloring problems, sparse structures), algebra (representation of structures, categories, homomorphisms), posets (diagram and dimension problems), computer science (complexity, NP-completeness).

Forthcoming Events

Workshop on Algebra, Logic and Topology

Coimbra, 27-29 September, 2018

This is a workshop organised by the "Algebra, Logic and Topology" research group of CMUC in honour of Aleš Pultr (Charles Univ., Prague), on the occasion of his 80th birthday.

Invited Speakers:
- Richard N. Ball (Univ. Denver, USA)
- Mai Gehrke (Univ. Côte d'Azur, Nice, France)
- Javier Gutiérrez García (Univ. Basque Country UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain)
- Dirk Hofmann (Univ. Aveiro, Portugal)

More information here.

Mobiwise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising -- midterm Workshop

Aveiro, 19 October, 2018

This is a midterm workshop of the Mobiwise project. MobiWise aims to enhance mobility in the cities, both for commuters and for tourists, through the development of a 5G platform that encompasses an access infrastructure filled with sensors, people and vehicles. The project will connect any sensor, person and vehicle, and will use all possible information to improve the user mobility, through a complete network and services platform for an Internet of Things real deployment in a smart city.

More information here.

Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods:
Ten years of CoLab

Austin (USA), 5-8 November, 2018

The UT Austin | Portugal CoLab Program in Applied Mathematics has been running for 10 years now. It has been remarkably successful in promoting research collaboration and providing mobility opportunities for faculty members, as well as in hosting doctoral and post-doctoral students, especially in the field of applied PDEs. This celebratory meeting brings together many of the researchers who have been directly or indirectly involved in the program, to report on recent achievements while paving the way for future collaborations. Topics covered range from the analysis of PDEs to more computational aspects and applications in Science and Engineering.

- Luis Caffarelli (Univ. Texas at Austin, USA)
- Irene M. Gamba (Univ. Texas at Austin, USA)
- José Miguel Urbano (CMUC, Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal)
- Juha Videman (IST Lisboa, Portugal)

More information here.

Workshop on Mathematics & Wild Fires

Coimbra, 8-9 November, 2018

The Workshop on Mathematics & Wild Fires is a satellite event of the VIII International Conference on FOREST FIRE RESEARCH (Coimbra, Portugal, 10-16 November 2018). All researchers interested in Mathematics and Wild Fires are invited to participate in this workshop organised by CIM in cooperation with CMUC (Centre for Mathematics of the University of Coimbra), CMAF-CIO (Center for Mathematics, Fundamental Applications and Operations Research) and APMTAC (Portuguese Association of Theoretical, Applied and Computational Mechanics).

- Isabel Narra de Figueiredo (CIM and CMUC/University of Coimbra)
- José Francisco Rodrigues (CIM and CMAFcIO/University of Lisbon)
- José Augusto Ferreira (APMTAC and CMUC/University of Coimbra)
- Domingos Xavier Viegas (ADAI and University of Coimbra)

More information here.

Research Seminar Program

Porto, 30 November, 2018

The Research Seminar Program is organized by the students of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics, and it is thought as an opportunity for them to present their research, as well as communicating in mathematics, bringing the students closer and informing them about each other's work.
During the academic year, the students meet from time to time, to give and/or to listen to talks about their current work and/or related topics. Visitors from other universities, PhD students or Postdoctoral researchers, are welcome to join us.

- Maria Elisa Silveira (CMUC PhD student in Numerical Analysis, under the supervision of Prof. José Augusto Ferreira)
- Dieudonné Mbouna (CMUC PhD student in Analysis, under the supervision of Prof. José Carlos Petronilho)
- Nuno Picado (CMUC PhD student in Probability and Statistics, under the supervision of Prof. Paulo Eduardo Oliveira)

More information here.

13th International Young Researchers Workshop on Geometry, Mechanics and Control

Coimbra, 6-8 December, 2018

This event is the thirteenth in a series of annual workshops that have previously taken place in Madrid (2006, 2007), Barcelona (2008), Ghent (2009), La Laguna (2010), Coimbra (2012), Madrid (2012), Barcelona (2013), Zaragoza (2015), Paris (2016), La Laguna (2017) and Padova (2018). Its goal is to bring together young researchers working in geometry, mechanics and control theory and to offer a platform to present the results of their research to an international audience.
The core of the workshop consists of 3 mini-courses, of 4 hours each, which serve as an introduction to different topics related to geometric structures in mechanics and control theory. The courses will be at a PhD and postdoctoral level, and it is expected that the young researchers will be, at the end of the workshop, able to access to the recent literature on the corresponding topics.
Along with the courses, there will be contributed short talks (30 minutes) and a poster session. Attendance is, of course, open to anyone, but in particular young researchers (PhD-students, recent PhD's) are encouraged to submit a talk or poster proposal.

Invited Speakers:
- Alvaro del Pino (Univ. of Utrecht, The Netherlands)
- Klass Modin (Chalmers Univ. of Technology and Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden)
- Pierre Lissy (Paris-Dauphine Univ., France)

More information here.

Recent Preprints

18-38: Variations of the Shifting Lemma and Goursat categories

Marino Gran, Diana Rodelo and Idriss Tchoffo Nguefeu

PDF file here.

18-37: Geometric tangential analysis and sharp regularity for degenerate pdes,
            and positive crossings in digraphs.

Eduardo V. Teixeira and José Miguel Urbano

PDF file here.

18-36: Extremal curves on Stiefel and Grassmann manifolds on non uniform

Velimir Jurdjevic, Irina Markina and Fátima Silva Leite

PDF file here.

18-35: Fully nonlinear integro-differential equations with deforming kernels

Luis Caffarelli, Rafayel Teymurazyan and José Miguel Urbano

PDF file here.

18-34: Cycle convexity and the tunnel number of links

Julio Araujo, Victor Campos, Darlan Girão, João Nogueira, António Salgueiro and Ana Silva

PDF file here.

See the complete list here.

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