The 2nd Combinatorics Day - Coimbra, March 17, 2012


9:30-10:30 Ethan Cotterill (CMUC, UC):

Exterior algebras, Wronskians, and Schubert calculus

10:30-11:00 Inês Legatheaux (CELC, UL):

Annulment and equality of partially symmetrized decomposable tensors

11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea

11:30-12:00 Aram Emami (CMUC, UC):

Semi-skyline augmented fillings and a non-symmetric Cauchy identity in type A

12:00-12:30 William Keith (CELC, UL):

Congruences and symmetries of the eta-power polynomials

12:30 Lunch

15:00-16:00 João Gouveia (CMUC, UC):

Sums of Squares in Combinatorial Optimization

16:00-16:30 Altino dos Santos (UTAD):

A tour through spherical f-tilings

16:30-17:00 Coffee/Tea

17:00-17:30 Ana Filipa Loureiro (CMUP):

The central factorials in association with the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform

17:30-18:00 Alessandro Conflitti (CMUC, UC):

Combinatorics of binary square matrices with generalized Bruhat order

18:00-18:30 Rui Duarte (CIDMA, UA):

On the convolution of central binomial coefficients

19:00 Dinner

Lectures will take place in room 2.5 on floor 2 of the Maths Department.

Olga Azenhas (Univ Coimbra), Cristina Caldeira (Univ Coimbra), João Cardoso (ISEC), Alessandro Conflitti (Univ Coimbra, CMUC), Ethan Cotterill (Univ Coimbra, CMUC), Henrique Cruz (Univ Beira Interior), Rui Duarte (Univ Aveiro), Aram Emami (Univ Coimbra, CMUC), Pedro Freitas (Univ Lisboa), Carlos Gamas (Univ Coimbra), Rohollah Garmanjani (Univ Coimbra, CMUC), João Gouveia (Univ Coimbra), António Guedes de Oliveira (Univ Porto), William Keith (Univ Lisboa,CELC), Alexander Kovačec (Univ Coimbra), Inês Legatheaux (Univ Lisboa), Ana Filipa Loureiro (Univ Porto, CMUP), Ricardo Mamede (Univ Coimbra), Margarida Melo (Univ Coimbra), Maria Leonor Moreira (Univ Porto), Jorge Neves (Univ Coimbra), Stavros Papadakis (IST), Ana Paula Santana (Univ Coimbra), Altino Santos (Univ Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro), Filippo Viviani (Roma Tre, CMUC).

Organisers: Olga Azenhas (CMUC,UC), António Guedes de Oliveira (CMUP,UP), Ricardo Mamede (CMUC,UC)

Sponsors: CMUC, DMUC

To participate send an email to