Departamento de Matemática, Universidade de Coimbra

98-23 Worthen Hunsaker e Jorge Picado, A note on total boundedness.

98-22 M. C. Pinto, Separable Kripke structures are algebraically universal. PostScript file

98-21 Maria Manuel Clementino e Walter Tholen, A note on local compactness.

98-20 José Francisco Rodrigues e José Miguel Urbano, On a Darcy-Stefan Problem arising in freezing and thawing of saturated porous media. PostScript file

98-19 Dirk Hofmann, Natural Dualities. PostScript file

98-18 Worthen Hunsaker e Jorge Picado, Frames with transitive structures.

98-17 P. Crouch, F. Silva Leite e M. Camarinha, A second order Riemannian variational problem from a Hamiltonian perspective. PostScript file

98-16 L. D. Abreu e J. Bustoz, Turan inequalities for symmetric Askey-Wilson polynomials.

98-15 Dali Zangurashvili, Adjunctions and locally transferable factorization systems.

98-14 J.F. Queiró, E.M. Sá, A.P. Santana, O. Azenhas, Interlacing of eigenvalues and invariant factors.

98-13 Maria Manuel Clementino, On connectedness via closure operators.

98-12 Carlos Tenreiro, Local polynomial estimation of density function derivatives: asymptotic normality and optimal kernels.

98-11 Manuela Sobral, Another approach to topological descent theory. PostScript file

98-10 Pierre Jacob e Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Histograms and associated point processes. PostScript file

98-09 Luís N. Vicente, Local convergence of the affine-scaling interior-point algorithm for nonlinear programming. PostScript file

98-08 Matthias Heinkenschloss e Luís N. Vicente, An interface between optimization and application for the numerical solution of optimal control problems. PostScript file

98-07 Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Mean square error for histograms when estimating Radon-Nikodym derivatives. PostScript file

98-06 L. Fernandes, A. Friedlander, M. Guedes e J. Júdice, Solution of a general linear complementarity problem using smooth optimization and its application to bilinear programming and LCP.

98-05 E. Marques de Sá, The change of the Kronecker structure of a complex matrix pencil under small perturbations. Pdf file

98-04 Andrew R. Conn, Luís Nunes Vicente, Chandu Visweswariah, Two-step algorithms for nonlinear optimization with structured applications. PostScript file

98-03 E. Marques de Sá e Yulin Zhang, The number of Kronecker indices of a special kind of square pencils.

98-02 E. Marques de Sá e Yulin Zhang, Nonsingular submatrices and the off diagonal indices of a square matrix.

98-01 Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, A central limit theorem for associated variables. PostScript file

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