António Ribeiro Gomes, a retired full professor at the Coimbra Mathematics Department, passed away at the end of June.

Born in 1930, he completed his PhD in 1964, after studying in Paris with Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, one of the world's foremost experts on General Relativity and Gravitational Radiation.
In the 1970s and 80s he played a decisive role in the organization of CMUC, with special impact on the fields of Mathematical Physics, Geometry, Analysis and Probability & Statistics.
He held leading positions in the Coimbra Mathematics Department and in the School of Science and Technology, as well as in the National Institute for Scientific Research (INIC), then the main funding agency for research in Portugal.

New postdocs at CMUC

Sonia Seyed Allaei
PhD in Applied Mathematics (2015, IST, Univ. Lisboa, Portugal), under the supervision of Teresa Diogo (IST, Lisboa) and Hermann Brunner (Univ.of Newfoundland, Canada).

Óscar Domínguez
PhD in Mathematics (Functional Analysis, 2016, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), under the supervision of Fernando Cobos and Antón Martínez.

Óscar Domínguez has just been awarded the 2017 Vicent Caselles Prize, for young (under 32 years of age) spanish mathematicians, by the Real Sociedad Matemática Española.

Portugal at the 2017 International Mathematical Olympiad

The team representing Portugal at the 2017 International Mathematical Olympiad has been selected. The team members are Duarte Nascimento, Henrique Navas, Kevin Pucci, Manuel Cabral, Maria Matilde Silva and Pedro Fernandes.
The competition will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between 12 and 23 July. The Portuguese team will depart a few days early to participate in problem sessions with the Brazilian team at IMPA.
Selection and training of Portuguese teams in all international mathematical competitions is part of the activities of "Project Delfos", a Mathematics school for highly motivated young students. Delfos is a 15-year old Coimbra Mathematics Department initiative and is supported by CMUC.

Summer University 2017

The Summer University 2017, promoted by the University of Coimbra (UC), will take place from 16 to 21 July. This is an event for high school students. Throughout the event, several high school students will have the opportunity to participate in scientific, pedagogic and cultural activities that will show them what is best done in the UC and in the town. The Department of Mathematics and CMUC collaborate with a set of activities on Mathematics, as well as in some transversal activities.

See the programme for Mathematics here.

More Atractor's webpages in English

The webpage of Atractor (Interactive Mathematics) has now English versions of the following pages:

Around the wheel
Comparing two geometric problems
Journey into PI
Math without words
Mathematical training of lifeguards
Morley Theorem
The curvature and torsion: how to distinguish the shape of a curve
The dynamics of a trick
The loxodrome
Triangles with multiple angles

These translations of the original Portuguese version are part of a project involving a team of CMUC and DMat, whose goal is the full translation into English of the mathematical contents of Atractor's website.

3D film "The math of seashells"

Atractor has produced a 3D film about the mathematical description of seashells growth. The film illustrates how the great majority of shells existing in nature can be generated by a fixed set of equations by simply varying some parameters. This gives one more example of how the apparent complexity one sees in nature may have a much simpler mathematical inner structure.
The film is based on Atractor's webpage about the mathematical description of seashells.

See the 2D version of the film in the Atractor's YouTube channel.

Mathematics Colloquium

Mathematics Colloquium

Philippe Vieu (Paul Sabatier Univ., Toulouse, France)
Title: TBA

February 2018 (date to be announced)

Philippe Vieu is a professor of Statistics at the Institut de Mathématiques of the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse. He is co-founder and co-organizer of the working group STAPH which acquired an international reputation for functional and operatorial statistics. He has co-authored 5 books and over 120 research papers. He is associate editor of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis and of Computational Statistics. He has been an invited visitor at many universities in Europe and the USA. His research interests concern, among others, non-parametric estimation, longitudinal data analysis and functional data analysis.

Forthcoming Events

Click here for the updated list of regular seminars.

Category Theory 2017

Vancouver, 16 - 22 July, 2017

The 2017 International Category Theory Conference will take place at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada). The Organizing and Scientific committees of the conference include members of CMUC.

Invited Speakers:
Dirk Hofmann, Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal)
Rory Lucyshyn-Wright, Mount Allison University (Canada)
Matias Menni, Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina)
Robert Paré, Dalhousie University (Canada)
Tim Van der Linden, Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

More information here.

All Kinds of Mathematics Remind me of You:
Conference to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Peter J. Cameron

Lisbon, 24 - 27 July, 2017

Gathering excellence where Cameron excels: Combinatorics, Groups, Model Theory, Number Theory, Semigroups, Statistics, and more...

A joint organization of Univ. Aberta and the Universities of Aveiro, Coimbra and Porto. There will be a satellite workshop on Symmetry in Finite and Infinite Structures (28th July).

More information here.

6th Workshop of the Seminar on Representation Theory and Related Areas

Faro, 2 September, 2017

The Seminar on Representation Theory and Related Areas started in 2010 and emerged from an informal seminar by mathematicians from the Universities of Coimbra, Lisboa and Porto. The group aims to pursue and develop interactions between mathematicians working in Representation Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics and other relevant areas. Participation is open to anyone with interests in these and other related areas.

List of speakers:
Helena Albuquerque (Coimbra)
Nathan Broomhead (Plymouth)
Raquel Simões (Lisboa)
Andrea Solotar (Buenos Aires)
Daniel Tubbenhauer (Bonn)
Ivan Yudin (Coimbra)

More information here.

Summer School of the UC|UP Joint PhD Program in Mathematics

Porto, 4 - 15 September, 2017

4-7 September, a course on Geometry:
Complex ODE and holomorphic foliations
by Frank Loray (Univ. of Rennes, France)

4-8 September, a course on Nonparametric Statistics:
Goodness of fit for regression models with applications
by Wenceslao González Manteiga (Univ. of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

11-13 September, a course on Dynamical Systems:
Stochastic properties of dynamical systems
by Françoise Pène (Univ. of Brest, France)

13-15 September, a course on PDEs:
Symbolic computation in partial differential equations
by Diogo Gomes (King Abdullah Univ. of Science & Technology, Saudi Arabia)

Programme Committee:
Jorge Freitas, Helena Reis, Carlos Tenreiro and José Miguel Urbano.

More information here.

Category Theory 2018

Ponta Delgada (Açores), 8 - 14 July, 2018

The 2018 International Category Theory Conference will take place at the University of Azores, Ponta Delgada (Portugal).

Organizing Committee:
Margarida Raposo, Paula Garrão (Univ. Açores)
Maria Manuel Clementino, Jorge Picado, Diana Rodelo, Manuela Sobral, Lurdes Sousa (CMUC)

More information here soon.

Past Events

ENEMath 17:
II National Meeting of Mathematics Students

Coimbra, 8 - 11 April, 2017

The NEMAT/AAC (group of mathematics students of the students' union of the University of Coimbra) organized the ENEMath'17, the second edition of the national meeting of mathematics students, with the support of CMUC.

Besides the talks and workshops presented by CMUC members and other mathematicians from Portuguese universities, John Whiteman (director of BICOM, the Brunel Institute of Computational Mathematics) opened the meeting with the talk "Computational modelling for problems in biomechanics with application to the diagnosis of coronary heart disease", Tom Leinster (Univ. Edinburgh, UK) presented a talk on "The mathematics of biodiversity", and Marcelo Viana (director of IMPA - Rio de Janeiro, Chairman of the ICM 2018 Organizing Committee) closed the programme with the talk "f(x)=x".

More information here.

See some pictures here.

Recent Preprints

17-37: On links minimizing the tunnel number

Darlan Girão, João M. Nogueira e António Salgueiro

PDF file here.

17-36: On semiclassical orthogonal polynomials via polynomial mappings II:
            sieved ultraspherical polynomials revisited.

K. Castillo, M. N. de Jesus and J. Petronilho

PDF file here.

17-35: On q-permanent expansions and a theorem on cycle surgery

Eduardo Marques de Sá

PDF file here.

17-34: Two-step estimation procedures for compound Poisson INARCH processes

Esmeralda Gonçalves, Nazaré Mendes Lopes and Filipa Silva

PDF file here.

17-33: Nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with reaction as gradient flows
            of the free energy

Stanislav Kondratyev and Dmitry Vorotnikov

PDF file here.

See the complete list here.

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