David Coulthard, Mika Salo and Jacques Villeneuve with their hair shaved off at the post-Suzuka 96 party.

The Estoril circuit

Ticket info for the Portuguese GP / 96
Photos from F1 tests 13-12-95 anemometer photo 18-02-97

Another circuit seriously damaged in the name of security: Zeltweg, now A-1 Ring.

An alternate championship points scheme.
I want Friday qualifying back.

Computer simulations by Tyrrel:

"Denis Jenkison (alias 'DSJ' in the Magazine Motor Sport ) has a shortlist of the drivers he has most admired in each era: Alberto Ascari, Stirling Moss, Jimmy Clark, Gilles Villeneuve, and Ayrton Senna."
in "Villeneuve: The Life of a Legendary Racing Driver" - Gerald Donaldson (1989), Motor Racing Publications, Croydon, UK, ISBN 0-947981-44-6.
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