All the talks will take place in room CYCL01 (Auditoire Charles de La Vallée Poussin), Chemin du Cyclotron 2, Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve.
You can download the programme here or check it below.

Thursday, June 1 Friday, June 2
Saturday, June 3
Laszlo Márki,
Concrete algebraic structures and categories
Walter Tholen,
What is a topological theory?
09:45 Registration
10:00 George Janelidze,
Algebraic topology of finite spaces
Diana Rodelo
Connectors and groupoids in Goursat categories
Lurdes Sousa
Algebras between Kleisli and Eilenberg-Moore
10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
 11:00-11:20 Coffee + Registration
 11:20-11:30 Opening

G. Peschke,
Functorial decompositions via colimits
Alan Cigoli,
Descent cospans for the fibration of points
11:30 Dominique Bourn,
Normalizers in the non-pointed context
A. Fernández Fariña,
Braiding for categorical Leibniz algebras and crossed modules of Leibniz algebras
Nelson Martins-Ferreira,
Classification of categories via unique groupoid structures on reflexive graphs
12:00 Giuseppe Metere,
Some thoughts on Yoneda's
``regular spans´´and related notions

X. García Martínez,
Split extensions of bialgebras
Zurab Janelidze,
Topologies as forms
12:30 Lunch Lunch End

14:00 E. Descotte,
On flat 2-functors
R. González Rodríguez,
Multiplication alteration by two-cocycles. The non-associative version
14:30 M. Szyld,
A general limit lifting theorem for 2-dimensional monad theory
M. Hoefnagel,
Majority categories
15:00 F. Lucatelli Nunes,
Biadjoint triangles
Coffee Break
15:30 Coffee Break S. R. Koudenburg,
A categorical approach to the maximum theorem
16:00 J. Emmenegger,
On the local cartesian closure of exact completions
K. Van Opdenbosch,
A lax algebraic study of non-Archimedean approach spaces
16:30 A. Facchini,
Modules with chain conditions up to isomorphism and artinian dimension
Dirk Hofmann,
On the algebraic nature of the dual category of Vietoris coalgebras
17:00 End End

The conference dinner will take place at the Louvain House on Thursday, June 1st. The restaurant is located in the centre of Louvain-la-Neuve, inside the Aula Magna building next to the lake. If you wish to participate in the conference dinner, please send an email to Tim Van der Linden by April 30. Please let us know as well if you have any special dietary restrictions. We ask you to pay a contribution of 30€ upon registration on Thursday morning (cash, no credit card accepted).