Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra

01-30 Noureddine Igbida and José Miguel Urbano, Continuity results for certain parabolic PDEs.

01-29 Rosa Amélia Martins and João Filipe Queiró, Euclidean widths of the Holder unit balls.

01-28 Lurdes Sousa, Pushout stability of embeddings, injectivity and categories of algebras.

01-27 Alexander Kovacec, Diagonal products of matrices in SU(3) and OMC.

01-26 Ernesto de Queirós V. Martins, José M. Pinto Paixão, Mário S. Rosa and José Luís E. Santos, The determination of the path with minimum cost norm value. PostScript file, Pdf file

01-25 Catarina P. Avelino and Luís N. Vicente, On the convergence analysis of a multipliers method. PostScript file

01-24 S. Barbeiro, J. A. Ferreira and J. Brandts, Superconvergence of piecewise linear semi-discretizations for parabolic problems with non uniform triangulations.

01-23 António M. Caetano and Susana D. Moura, Local growth envelopes of spaces of generalized smoothness: the sub-critical case.

01-22 El-Sayed M. E. Mostafa, A trust region proximal method for the decentralized static output feedback design problem. PostScript file

01-21 J. M. Nunes da Costa, The generalized Lie bialgebroid of a strict Jacobi-Nijenhuis manifold. PostScript file

01-20 Fani Petalidou, On a new relation between Jacobi and homogeneous Poisson manifolds. PostScript file

01-19 Luís N. Vicente, Space mapping: models, sensitivities, and trust-regions methods. PostScript file

01-18 Luís M. Fernandes, Isabel N. Figueiredo and Joaquim J. Júdice, On the solution of a finite element approximation of a linear obstacle plate problem. PostScript file

01-17 Alexander Kovacec, Polyhedra of monotone n-tuples.

01-16 Jirí Adámek, Robert El Bashir, Manuela Sobral and Jirí Velebil, On functors which are lax epimorphisms. PostScript file

01-15 Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Density estimation for associated sampling: a point process influenced approach. PostScript file

01-14 Isabel Figueiredo and Luís Trabucho, Asymptotic model of a nonlinear adaptive elastic rod. PostScript file

01-13 Charles R. Johnson, António Leal Duarte e Carlos M. Saiago, The Partner-Wiener Theorem: refinement and generalization.

01-12 J.R. Cardoso and F. Silva Leite, The Moser-Veselov equation. PostScript file

01-11 Carlos Tenreiro, An invariant goodness-of-fit test based on the kernel density estimator with fixed bandwidth.

01-10 Maria Manuel Clementino and Walter Tholen, Metric, Topology and Multicategory - A Common Approach.

01-09 Maria Manuel Clementino and Dirk Hofmann, Topological features of lax algebras.

01-08 J.J. Júdice, J.M. Patrício, L.F. Portugal, M.G.C. Resende and G. Veiga, A study of preconditioners for network interior point methods. PostScript file

01-07 Marino Gran, Commutators and central extensions in universal algebra. PostScript file

01-06 A. M. d'Azevedo Breda, F. J. Craveiro de Carvalho and Bernd Wegner, On the existence of Bertrand pairs. PostScript file

01-05 Dominique Bourn and Marino Gran, Centrality and connectors in Maltsev categories. PostScript file

01-04 J. K. Merikoski, A. Virtanen, O. Pikhurko and A. Kovacec, Optimizers for sub sums subjected to a sum- and a Schur convex constraint with applications to the estimation of eigenvalues.

01-03 J. M. Nunes da Costa and Fani Petalidou, Reduction of Jacobi-Nijenhuis manifolds. PostScript file

01-02 Marino Gran, Algebraically central and categorically central extensions. PostScript file

01-01 J. S. Neves, Bessel-Lorentz-Karamata spaces and embeddings: the super-limiting case.

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