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MPE2013 in Portugal has been a great success due to a major interest from the media and to a huge involvement from several institutions and the population. Past activities include scientific conferences and workshops, initiatives for schools and general public, and several exhibitions. An impressive number of finds in the media are collected here.

Several future initiatives and partnerships between MPE and other institutions are now being prepared, some of them involving the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), namely with ICMI-EML and IAU-LEC. Each network has its own structure, but MPT may serve as a space for dialogue and joint activities between the two projects. The MPE webpage may contain resources of Mathematics, Mathematics Education (EML) as well as Astronomy (LEC), when related with MPE.

1. CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS) to be published by Springer-Verlag
A new CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS) will be published by Springer-Verlag.
The CIM-MS Series will contain proceedings of CIM events, consisting of expository articles, research monographs and lecture course notes, among others.
The first two  volumes of the CIM series in Mathematical Sciences will consist of review articles mainly selected from the works presented in the CIM Mathematics of Planet Earth conferences:
-Mathematics of Planet Earth: Energy and Climate Change CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences, Vol. I
-Mathematics of Planet Earth: Dynamics, Games and Science CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences Vol. II
Editorial board (of both volumes):
§  Jean Pierre Bourguignon
§  Rolf Jeltsch
§  Alberto Pinto
§  Marcelo Viana


2. MPE and the ICMI-EML

The EMe
LP (Espaço Matemático em Lingua Portuguesa / Mathematical space in Portuguese Language) of ICMI (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction) has been recently approved by ICMI. It will be a network for Mathematics and Mathematical Education involving Portuguese Language Countries. MPE is establishing contacts in order to support and cooperate with ICMI-EML.

3. MPE and the LEC-IAU

The Language Expertise Center (LEC) of the International Astronomy Union (IAU) aims to create a collaborative framework within OAD (Office of Astronomy for Development
) to promote scientific and technological literacy among the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) based on Astronomy knowledge.
This network focuses on the strong connection between the different Portuguese speaking countries and the need for the promotion of scientific literacy in these communities. Since Astronomy is a science related with several different scientific areas, having strong cultural and historical ties, through this science it is possible to create a modern and common bond that allows one to go beyond borders, establishing solid foundations for collaboration.
The LEC is planning to create a platform of resources and activities in Astronomy in Portuguese language, promoting and conducting workshops to train teachers and to facilitate the exchange of university students in different countries with Portuguese as the official language, being these objectives in accordance with the criteria and the main lines of the strategic plan of the IAU
MPE is establishing contacts in order to support and cooperate with LEC-IAU.

4. MPE and the International Year of Crystallography 2014

The traditional pavement of several Portuguese cities is made of black and white stones of basalt and limestone producing different patterns (the Portuguese "Calçada"
), which can be mathematically classified, using the plane symmetry groups. A survey of mathematical patterns in the sidewalks of Lisbon and several cities in the Azores Islands has been produced throughout 2013, leading to cultural touristic tours. Our next goal is to create the 17 possible symmetries of the plane in Portuguese Calçada at charismatic locations in Lisbon, linking the MPE2013 with the International Year of Crystallography 2014.

5. Lusophone Mathematical Games

The project Lusophone Mathematical Games aims to create a network,  involving Portuguese Language Countries,  in order to recover and rediscover old and traditional mathematical games.

(MPE2013 moves into Mathematics of Planet Earth - PRESS RELEASE)

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