Department of Mathematics, University of Coimbra

02-27 Olga Azenhas and Ricardo Mamede, Actions of the symmetric group on sets generated by Yamanouchi words. Pdf file

02-26 A. Araújo, J.A. Ferreira, P. Oliveira, F. Patrício and P. Rosa, The use of splitting methods in the numerical simulation of reacting flows. Pdf file

02-25 Lurdes Sousa, On projective E-generators and premonadic functors . Pdf file

02-24 A. Araújo, A note on B-stability of splitting methods . Pdf file

02-23 Carla Henriques and Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Exponential rates for kernal density estimation under association.
Pdf file

02-22 Júlio S. Neves, A sharper embedding of Bessel-potential-type spaces in the super-limiting case.

02-21 Luís Miguel Machado and F. Silva Leite, Optimization on quadratic matrix Lie groups Pdf file

02-20 Maria Manuel Clementino and Dirk Hofmann, Effective descent morphisms in categories of lax algebras Pdf file

02-19 Ercília Sousa, The controversial stability analysis . PostScript file

02-18 Carlos Tenreiro, On the asymptotic normality of multistage integrated density derivates kernel estimators.

02-17 E. Gonçalves, P. Jacob, N. Mendes-Lopes, Discrimination methodology between error processes and bilinear processes. PostScript file

02-16 L. D. Abreu and J. Bustoz, On the completeness of sets of q-Bessel functions J_\nu^{(3)}(x;q).

02-15 Carsten Ebmeyer and José Miguel Urbano, The smoothing property for a class of doubly nonlinear parabolic equations.

02-14 Cristina Caldeira, Generalized derivations restricted to Grassmann spaces and additive theory. Pdf file

02-13 Rui C. Rodrigues and F. Silva Leite, A multi-input/multi-output system representation of generalized splines in R^n. PostScript file

02-12 Gonçalo Gutierres, Sequential topological conditions in R in the absence of the axiom of choice. PostScript file

02-11 Ercília Sousa, Normal mode stability analysis of difference schemes for parabolic initial value problems.

02-10 Jirí Adámek and Lurdes Sousa, How accessible are categories of algebras?. PostScript file

02-09 L. D. Abreu, J. Bustoz and J. L. Cardoso, The roots of the third Jackson q-Bessel function. Pdf file

02-08 Charles R. Johnson, António Leal Duarte and Carlos M. Saiago, Inverse eigenvalue problems and lists of multiplicities of eigenvalues for matrices whose graph is a tree: the case of generalized stars and double generalized stars. PostScript file

02-07 Cristina Caldeira, A lower bound for the degree of the minimal polynomial of the Kronecker product. Pdf file

02-06 Carlos Tenreiro, On the asymptotic behaviour of the ISE for automatic kernel distribution estimators.

02-05 Carla Henriques and Paulo Eduardo Oliveira, Convergence rates for the estimation of two-dimensional distribution functions under association and estimation of the covariance of the limit empirical process. Pdf file

02-04 R. Caseiro, Master integrals, superintegrability and quadratic algebras. Pdf file

02-03 F. J. Craveiro de Carvalho and Bernd Wegner, A line thicker than the Michael Line. PostScript file

02-02 J. A. Ferreira and R. D. Grigorieff, Superconvergence of the gradient in a fully discrete FEM scheme: one-dimensional case. PostScript file

02-01 Jorge A. Sampaio Martins, Pedro Nunes, Ímpar na Hispânia Quinhentista. PostScript file

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