[05-32] Amiran Gogatishvili, Júlio S. Neves e Bohumír Opic,
 Sharpness and non-compactness of embeddings of Bessel-potential-type spaces.

[05-31] Alfredo Manuel Gouveia da Costa,
 Pseudovarieties defining classes of sofic subshifts closed for taking shift equivalent subshifts.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-30] Susana D. Moura,
 On some characterizations of Besov spaces of generalized smoothness.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-29] J. F. Carinena, J. M. Nunes da Costa e Patrícia Santos,
 Reduction of Lagrangian mechanics on Lie algebroids.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-28] Sandra Marques Pinto, M. Teresa Oliveira-Martins e M. Céu Pinto,
 Congruences on dynamic algebras.

[05-27] Luís Daniel Abreu,
 The reproducing kernel structure associated to Fourier type systems and their quantum analogues.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-26] D. M. G. Comissiong, L. K. Gross e V. A. Volpert,
 The enhancement of weakly exothermic polymerization fronts.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-25] Olga Azenhas e Ricardo Mamede,
 Matrix realization of a pair of tableaux with key and shuffling condition.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-24] Jirí Adámek, Manuela Sobral e Lurdes Sousa,
 Logic of implications.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-23] Olga Azenhas e Ricardo Mamede,
 Realizações matriciais de pares de tableaux de Young e palavras francas.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-22] Luís Daniel Abreu,
 Sampling theory associated to q-difference equations of the Sturm-Liouville type.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-21] Isabel M. Narra Figueiredo e Carlos M. Franco Leal,
 A generalized piezoelectric Bernoulli-Navier anisotropic rod model.

[05-20] Eurica Henriques e José Miguel Urbano,
 Boundary regularity at {t=0} for a singular free boundary problem.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-19] Maria Manuel Clementino, Dikran Dikranjan e Walter Tholen,
 Torsion theories and radicals in normal categories.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-18] Alfredo Manuel Gouveia da Costa,
 Conjugacy invariants of subshifts: an approach from profinite semigroup theory.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-17] Gonçalo Gutierres e Dirk Hofmann,
 Axioms for sequential convergence.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-16] C. M. da Fonseca,
 On the eigenvalues of some tridiagonal matrices.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-15] Andrew R. Conn, Katya Scheinberg e Luís Nunes Vicente,
Geometry of sample sets in derivative free optimization. Part II: polynomial regression and underdetermined interpolation.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-14] Maria do Céu Barbosa e João L. C. Soares,
On the exponential function tail.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-13] Manuel Portilheiro e Athanasios E. Tzavaras,
Hydrodynamic limits for kinetic equations and the diffusive approximation of radiative transport for acoustic waves.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-12] J.F. Cariñena, J.M. Nunes da Costa e Patrícia Santos,
Reduction of Lie algebroid structures.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-11] Natália Bebiano, João de Providência e Alexander Kovacec,
 On the corners of certain determinantal ranges.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-10] Luís Daniel Abreu,
 Uncertainty principles for the q-Hankel transform.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-09] Paulo Eduardo Oliveira,
 Nonparametric density and regression estimation for functional data.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-08] Carlos Tenreiro,
 Asymptotic behaviour of multistage plug-in bandwidth selectors for kernel distribution function estimators.

[05-07] Ercília Sousa,
 Development of finite difference schemes near an inflow boundary.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-06] Lino Costa, Pedro Oliveira, Isabel N. Figueiredo e Rogério Leal,
 Actuator effect of a piezoelectric anisotropic plate model.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-05] Carla Henriques e Paulo Eduardo Oliveira,
 Strong convergence rates for the estimation of a covariance operator for associated samples.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-04] Margarida Dias e Manuela Sobral,
 Descent for Priestley Spaces.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-03] Renata Silva, João Soares e Luís Nunes Vicente,
 Local analysis of the feasible primal-dual interior-point method.
 pdf | fascículo A5

[05-02] Sandra Marques Pinto, M. Teresa Oliveira-Martins e M. Céu Pinto,
 Monadic dynamic algebras.

[05-01] Mark Steinhauer, José Miguel Urbano e Juha Videman,
 New global a priori estimates for the third-grade fluid equations.
 pdf | fascículo A5

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